Dance Attire

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS (Preschool-Highschool) 

One full set of dance attire is included with your child’s tuition.  This will include all the clothing they need for their dance class.*  We ask that dancers try their best to wear this required attire to every class.  Dancers are invited to open houses to be sized for their clothing.  Please click HERE to view our open house schedule and sign up for a 30 minute personal time slot.  Cannot attend an open house?  Feel free to contact the office via email ( or phone (508-345-0995) to schedule a fitting.  Dancers can also be sized on the first day of class, as we understand how busy the summer months can be. Please keep in mind that it may take up to two weeks for all dance attire to arrive.  Any activewear will be fine for class until the required dance clothing is in. Please make sure to label your child’s dance clothes.  This makes it easy to find their class attire if it gets misplaced.

*Dance families will be financially responsible for replacing outgrown/ruined dance class attire. This attire must be purchased through Exhale to ensure everyone has the correct attire for class/stage.  

1.  HAIR SUPPLIES: Our female dancers need to purchase elastics, hairpins, and hairnets.  Majority of our classes require a bun.  Except for hip-hop, which requires a ponytail.  (Exhale will always have hair elastics at the studio for emergencies.)
2.  WATER BOTTLE: Students should bring a LABELED bottle filled with water to class.  As a convenience, Exhale will be selling cold bottles of water for $1.


Comfy, fitted workout clothes are perfect for all adult programs.  Here are some recommendations:
Males:  basketball shorts, fitted t-shirt/tank top.  (Please do not choose baggy sweatpants as they prohibit movements.)
Females:  fitted leggings (capri or full length), fitted shorts and a fitted t-shirt/tank top.
Jazz:  Tan boot style jazz shoe
Ballet:  A ballet shoe that works best for your foot.
Tap:  Any black oxford-style tap shoe that works best for your foot.
Hip-hop:  Comfortable sneakers that are NOT worn outside.  Please do not wear your street shoes to class, as they will ruin our beautiful dance floors.  This is extremely important during the winter months.