Families are given the opportunities to pay tuition in installments.  The first installment is due upon registration and the following are due at their respective pay periods.  If a student decides to drop a class, families are still liable to finish these payments.  We hope that families can understand our need to create this policy, as we run classes based on enrollment.  Refunds are only available when the studio is notified IN WRITING (by letter or email) of withdrawal 2 weeks prior to the start date.  Exhale will keep the registration fee to cover administration costs, which is $25 per class.  Families may also have tuition credited for a future class.  We encourage students to finish out the season. Often times they learn to overcome any obstacle they may have been facing!

Exhale always puts our families’ safety first so we may decide to close due to inclement weather.  An email will be sent out to each family when we have inclement weather cancellations.  There will also be a message on the studio answering machine:  781.345.0995, our FB page, and our blog. (Make life easier and get updates faster by following our blog or signing up for text message alerts!)  Make-ups for cancellations will only occur if we must cancel more than two classes a session.  As a reminder, Exhale is not always closed when the public schools are closed.  If the roads are cleared by the afternoon we will hold classes.  However, if the Norfolk Public School system decides to cancel their afterschool programs, Exhale will also cancel their afternoon classes.

Exhale values a professional atmosphere for our dancers and families.  A ‘uniform’ is given to each dancer upon registration. We ask that dancers always wear this required dance attire. Dance families will be financially responsible for replacing outgrown/ruined dance class attire.
*Make sure to label your child’s dance clothes.  This makes it easy to find their class attire if it gets misplaced.

1.  HAIR SUPPLIES: Our female dancers need to purchase elastics, hairpins, and hairnets.  Majority of our classes require a bun.  Except for hip-hop, which requires a ponytail.  (Exhale will always have hair elastics at the studio for emergencies.)
2.  WATER BOTTLE: Students should bring a LABELED bottle filled with water to class.  As a convenience, Exhale will be selling cold bottles of water for $1.

There is one word that sums up our studio etiquette/behavior policy: RESPECT.

  1. Respect your space
  2. Respect yourself  🙂
  3. Respect your friends
  4. Respect your teachers
  5. Respect the staff
  6. Respect your art form
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