Fundamentals (18mos-K)

First Steps:  (Ages 18mos-2 years)
Young dancers gain a love for dancing through challenging movement and rhythm games. They slowly begin to gain independence while still having their caregiver in the room. This creates a nurturing learning environment for young movers and instills self-confidence.

Pre-School: (Age 3&4)
Children will begin to learn the foundation of dance and movement.  They will begin to explore the use of their fine and large motor skills with a focus on rhythm and fun. Students will also learn the expectations of being in a dance class.  Dancers will finish the session knowing how to take turns, listen to directions and follow/repeat short dance patterns.

Pre-K:  (Ages 4&5)
Children will gain strength, knowledge, and skills that will help prepare them for Kindergarten.  They will work on perfecting the use of their fine and large motor skills with a focus on rhythm and FUN.  Dancers will finish the season understanding classroom etiquette, how to retain/repeat dance patterns, and the importance of being a good friend/teammate!

This class is meant for children who are in Kindergarten.   Dancers will begin to explore more intricate movements, rhythms, and patterns.  They will also begin to learn movements that will prepare them for a more advanced ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop class.  Students will learn dance terminology and gain an understanding of how to move technically, and more important, safely.

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