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Ticket FAQ:

  • Is there reserved seating?  How do I ensure my party sits next to one another?Tickets will include reserved seating, so when you purchase your tickets you will be able to choose your seats.  Try to organize the number of tickets you need before your purchase to ensure your family/friends is seated next to one another.
  • What if my family has special seating needs?  If you have special seating needs please call (508-345-0995) or email (office@exhaledance.com) the office by Friday, March 29th.  This will allow our staff to accommodate your seating needs before ticket sales begin.  Otherwise, you can choose the seats that are best for your needs when you purchase online.
  • Are tickets sold at the door?  Tickets will NOT be sold in person at the door.  If they are still available tickets will be sold online until the show begins.  (Please remember that King Philip Middle School has limited cell phone service.)
  • How do I receive my ticket/s?  Your ticket/s will be sent electronically to your email.  Due to limited cellphone service at the Middle School we highly suggest you print a hard copy of your tickets.  Tickets will be scanned in electronically as you enter.
  • How do I get tickets to family/friends if I will not see them before the show?  Simply forward them the electronic copy of the tickets and make sure to designate a certain ticket number to them.  EASY PEASY….

Have a different question? Feel free to contact us at office@exhaledance.com.

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