Show Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy:
Here at Exhale we understand that students may need to miss classes due to illness or family/school events.  (We do not want to spread germs, and our students well-being is extremely important to us.)  We simply ask that dancers only miss classes for these important reasons.

We ask that all dancers who are performing try their best not to exceed 3 absences before each of our shows.  The holiday show preparation begins September 10th and finish on December 1st.  The spring concert preparation begins on January 5th and finish on May 11th.  We ask that parents try their best to give us advance notice of any prescheduled absences.  For example a school or family event.  It is also mandatory that dancers attend dress rehearsals or picture days for the shows they are participating in.  We created this policy to ensure that dance remains a stress-free activity for everyone involved.  Dancers who miss more than 3 classes may begin to feel overwhelmed as the big show approaches.  A student’s attendance and participation in class will play a key factor in their dance education and performance experience.