Adult Dance Company

Breathe Dance Company:

Are you looking for an empowering, healthy and FUN addition to your life in 2018?  Then join Exhale’s adult dance program, known as Breathe Dance Company (BDC)!  The goal of the program is to create a judgement free zone where adults feel free to learn, de-stress, grow and exercise.  Adults in the program can choose to perform in Exhale’s annual recital and community events.  (Although, we understand that performing is not for every dancer!)  The mission of the BDC is to share our love of dance with the community.  The company’s vision is to to prove that dance truly has no ‘barriers’!  All levels, body types and ages are welcome.  Are you are willing to learn new material, leave your ego at the door, and dance your heart out?!   If so, Breathe Dance Company is for you!

Interested in joining the BDC?  Register for a free trial class today by clicking HERE — what do you have to lose?