Exhale’s mission is to create technical, strong dancers that have a lifelong love for moving and learning.  We do this by encouraging the joy of individual human expression through the collective experience of dance and movement.

Exhale focuses on introducing students to structured dance classes with an emphasis on strong technique.  These classes will combine teaching methods professionally influenced by Vaganova, Balanchine, Cecchetti, Horton, Limon, Bob Fosse and Luigi.

Exhale’s vision is not only to create beautiful dancers, but human beings, as well.  Mrs. Cote hopes to inspire her students to strive to be their ultimate best on-and-off the dance floor.  Our final product is not our end-of-year concert, but rather, the students that leave our school ready to take-on the world.

Here at Exhale we teach more than dance steps.  We want our students to have a firm understanding of movement, dance and life.  Life skills are taught in our classrooms such as: teamwork, inclusiveness, leadership, “I can” confidence, a strong work ethic, accountability, and the importance of community involvement.

We train each and every student as if they are going to be a professional dancer.  After all, they will become a ‘professional’ in some form when they enter adulthood.

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