Exhale’s mission is to create a life-long love for learning and moving in our students by giving them a dance education that emphasizes strong technique, dance history, and age-appropriate choreography.

Exhale’s vision is not only to create beautiful dancers but exemplary citizens, as well.

Here at Exhale, we teach more than dance steps.  We want our students to have a firm understanding of movement, dance, and life.  Life skills are taught in our classrooms such as teamwork, inclusiveness, leadership, “I can” confidence, a strong work ethic, accountability, and the importance of community involvement.  Here at Exhale, we believe that dance education is a ‘life-long process’.  Therefore, although we take great pride in our shows, they are not our final product, but rather, a milestone that is reached along the way.  Our final product is the students that leave our program ready to take on the world with confidence and kindness.