“Jen’s passion for dance and commitment to kindness changed my life. She worked to create a community of love and support among all dancers and staff. She taught us that not only is dance a blessing, but each day is a blessing as well. Everything we do, we must do one hundred percent. Every time we dance, we must perform. Jen taught me to work hard and follow my dreams, and showed me that anything is possible if you set your heart to it. Jen made Legacy, our dance company, more than a team. We are family. Every time I danced with Jen, she gave me opportunities to go beyond my comfort zone and grow as both a dancer and a person. I learned how to live fully with passion, determination, strength, and grace. Jen has so much love to give, and I know that dance is her way of sharing that love and joy of living with the world.” ~ Hannah G (Former Student)

“Jennifer Cote is an exceptional dance educator, choreographer, managing director, and colleague. She offers her students quality dance training in a nurturing and positive environment,  and she exemplifies the important life skills of commitment, discipline, teamwork, and respect. As managing director of the Legacy Dance Company, a pre-professional company in Lexington, Massachusetts, she leads the dancers and faculty with kindness, patience, and optimism. I highly recommend Jen’s instruction and mentorship to dancers of all ages and levels.” ~ Maria (colleague)

“Our daughters have enjoyed becoming members of the Exhale Family. They enjoy each class and love to practice their dance routines at home throughout the week. We are so thankful to all of the wonderful staff at Exhale.” ~ Elizabeth (Parent)

“Ms. Jen met my daughter when she was 12.  She ignited a passion for dance, most especially ballet, in her.  Ms. Jen saw a potential in my child, that she fostered with encouragement, kindness and love.  Her ability to correct and develop a dancer in such a positive manner was, and remains, a distinguishing feature of Ms Jen’s teaching style.  Her approach not only taught my child dance technique, but taught her confidence, dedication to her art, and encouragement and support of her fellow dancer.  Today, 8 years later, my daughter is continuing this passion at Boston Conservatory.  I truly believe that without Ms Jen, this dream would have never been fulfilled.  My thanks and gratitude go out to Jen for being a mentor to my child, a positive encouraging presence in her world, and an excellent teacher of dance technique.  It is my pleasure to say- Ms Jen is a phenomenal teacher, who has greatly influenced our world.  And we are grateful for her being part of our lives.” Sharon B (Parent)

“I have had the honor of knowing Jen for eight years or so. Over those eight years, she has become someone who I can look up to for the rest of my life. As a young dancer, Jen instilled in me a passion for dance and a drive to do the best that I could every day. Not only did Jen encourage me through dance, but taught me to do my personal best in everything. Through Jen’s positive and encouraging attitude I was able to grow into the dancer and person that I am today. Jen taught me to be strong and courageous and take life on with love and passion. Not only did Jen affect me personally, she also shaped my dance company, Legacy, into a community that became my home. Through Jen’s commitment to our success and passion for dance we were able to grow as a team and become a family. I am so lucky to have had to opportunity to learn from Jen and am taking on life with passion and commitment, just as she taught me to do. I have been forever transformed by the love that Jen has shown me and will be forever grateful to her for showing me how to put 100 percent of my effort into everything that I do.” ~ Delaney M (Student)

My daughter began dancing at Exhale a School of Dance at 4 years old and has been hooked since day one.  With Jen Cote as her teacher, it is no surprise that she loves dancing. Jen’s passion for dance is contagious! She uses a developmentally appropriate and fun dance curriculum that engages even the most introverted child. Jen’s warmth and kindness allows the students to feel welcomed, safe, happy, and loved. My daughter is eager to attend class and to perform her newest moves when she comes home. I have witnessed the positive impact that dance has had on her self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, during the start of the pandemic, Jen did not miss a beat. She quickly adapted to a difficult situation by providing multiple free zoom classes to all students. She was enthusiastic, encouraging, supportive and a blessing to our children during a very confusing time in their lives. She helped the children retain their love of dance, their connection to her and their dance peers, and to focus on gratitude. My daughter said that “Ms. Jen kept her feeling happy during the pandemic” and that she loves dancing because “of my teacher Ms. Jen.” ~ Lindsay (Parent)

“We searched far and wide for a dance professional who could inspire our two girls and feel so lucky to have found that in Jen Cote. Not only does Miss Jen possess the skills of a teacher who can help children soar to the highest levels in recitals and evaluations or competitions, but she also has the sensitivity to work with any and all students who just want to move and dance for the pure joy of it. Miss Jen cares deeply about her dancers, always using safe teaching practices, and her students and their parents know that. She is not afraid to give correction as well as praise, and loves to see all her students flourish.

Most importantly, Miss Jen teaches from the heart and will teach your children life skills through dance. Miss Jen has a strong desire to share the joy of dance with the wider community while also focusing carefully on each dancer’s technique and respecting their individual path and passion. With my daughter’s team, thanks to Miss Jen, all the dancers have a very strong work ethic that has taught them about teamwork, leadership, and accountability and given them much confidence.

Coming from a rich background in dance, Jen Cote has a BA in Dance from Dean College and is a performer and choreographer, as well as a teacher for over ten years. Her true passion is teaching and she is skilled with tiny little dancers, their older siblings and teenaged cousins, as well as with adult dancers. She breathes dance in and out like oxygen, and reveres the craft and her role as a teacher.

Jen Cote has everything you’d want in a dance teacher: compassion, flexibility, empathy, technical understanding, the ability to motivate, communicate and stay on top of how her students are feeling. She is a joy!” ~ Karen D (Parent)