Exhale produces two shows throughout the year.

  1.  HOLIDAY SHOW:  Our 2018 Holiday show is entitled Holiday Joy and will be held on December 1st at 3pm.  It will be located at the Freeman Kennedy School’s cafeteria.
  2. SPRING CONCERT:  Our 2019 Spring Concert is entitled Believe and will be held on May 11th at 3pm.  It will be located at King Philip Middle School.

Dancers on our performance team may also decide to participate in community events.  Exhale will perform at the Haunted Train Ride (October 20th), Norfolk Community Day (Usually 1st Saturday in June) and at the Farmers’ Market (usually 2nd Saturday in June) this season!

Attendance Policy:
Please click HERE to view the performer’s attendance policy.  We ask that all guardians of performers read and understand this policy before signing the performance permission slip for their child.

All parents must pass in a permission slip for their child/ren to perform in our shows.  The permission slips for Holiday Hope and The Haunted Train Ride and due on September 17th.  Click below to download them:

Holiday Hope Permission Slip
Haunted Train Ride Permission Slip

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