Holiday Hope

December 7th at 3pm
King Philip Middle School
18 King St, Norfolk, MA 02056

December 7th at 3pm (We ask that all dancers be dropped off  no later than 2pm.)

Recreation Dress Rehearsal: 12/6/19
4:00-4:45:  All Preschool and Pre-K classes.
4:30-5:30:  All Kindergarten, Hip-Hop 1 Saturday
5:00-6:30:  TJB I and TJB II

Company Dress Rehearsal:12/3/19, 4:30pm-6:30pm; 6:15-7:00 Pre-Teen Hip-Hop; 7:00-7:30 Teen Contemporary and Tap

(Costume distribution and a show meeting will also be held this day.)
Tuesday, November 12th:  Hip-Hop
Wednesday, November 13th:  Preschool, EDC II
Thursday, November 14th:  EDC I
Friday, November 15th: Preschool, Pre-K
Saturday, November 16th: Preschool, TJB I, Hip Hop
Monday, November 18th:  Preschool
Tuesday, November 19th: Kindergarten
Wednesday, November 20th: Pre-Teen Contemporary/Tap
Thursday, November 21st: TJB II
Friday, November 22: TBJ I
Saturday, November 23: Kindergarten and TJB II

Photography and videography of any type are prohibited during Exhale’s shows.  It can be distracting to the audience and harmful for the performers.  A professional photographer and videographer will be at the show.  A link to download and stream the video will be sent to each family.  DVDs will be on sale for $25 at the studio.  Photos of the show will be available for viewing and purchasing.  (Processing for pictures and video footage will take approximately 6-12 weeks.)

Attendance Policy:
Please click HERE to view the performer’s attendance policy.  We ask that all guardians of performers read and understand this policy.