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“This is the story of our beautiful little girl Gabriella. October 1st 2017. It was the day that changed our lives forever. It was a beautiful fall Sunday morning and there she was: running around and playing as all three year olds do. We had to calm her down to get her dressed and ready for the day, when we felt a concrete-like lump on her abdomen. We didn’t really know what to make of it since she showed no sign of discomfort or pain. We thought it would be best to take her down to urgent care to get checked out as it was Sunday and her pediatrician was closed. We took her there thinking they would just tell us it’s a milk allergy or a bad case of constipation. An X-ray of her stomach showed a large mass but they couldn’t really tell what it was for sure. They wanted to do a CT scan on her stomach to further tell what it could possibly be. After we took her in for the scan, we went back to the room and waited for the results. What seemed like hours had passed when the doctor working that day came in and told us what she believed it was. She told us it looks like a massive tumor and we needed to go to Boston Children’s Hospital IMMEDIATELY. Our hearts sank. We were overcome with confusion and fear. Without hesitation, we rushed her to the emergency room at Children’s and they took her back right away. What came next was a barrage of testing and scans. They needed to draw blood. They needed urine samples. They needed to an MRI and another CT scan. By this time it was close to 10 pm when the doctor came in and told us they sent all of the images and blood work over to Dana Farber and a couple of oncologists were on their way to speak with us. They sat down with us and confirmed every parents worst fear. It was a 3 pound tumor growing off her adrenal gland. Neuroblastoma. Cancer. They would be scheduling surgery immediately.  To say that Gabriella has been through a tough time is an understatement. At a time when most young kids are enjoying school, playing outside, spending time with family, Gabriella has spent the better part of a year in the hospital for a major surgery, two bone marrow aspirations, and countless doctors visits for checkups, blood tests and urine tests. She also has an MIBG bone scan and injection every 3-6 weeks. We thought she was in the clear as we approached the one year mark of her diagnosis, the doctors noticed a small mass on a routine ultrasound. Her catacholmine levels have started rising above the normal levels. She has her next MIBG scan and bone marrow aspiration in a few weeks, and we are praying that our worst fears won’t be confirmed again. Gabriella will need follow up medical care for the foreseeable future. We already have mounting medical bills from the life saving treatment she has received and continues to receive from Children’s and the Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana Farber. No child should have to endure what Gabby has. She has shown us what true strength is. She is in the fight for her life and continues to amaze us with her sense of humor and her ability to laugh and smile during every one of her pokes and procedures.  Any money raised from this Gofundme will be used to pay for further treatment and ongoing expenses related to Gabriella’s fight against this horrible disease. We are please asking for your donation to help us kick cancers ass.“Though She Be But, Little, She Is Fierce”


 Although Exhale takes pride in their shows, it certainly is not our main focus.  Our mission is to create technical, strong dancers that find great joy in moving and learning.  It is important to note, students that do not perform will still receive the same stellar dance education.  They will even learn the performance material and rehearse with the group.

Attendance Policy:
Please click HERE to view the performer’s attendance policy.  We ask that all guardians of performers read and understand this policy before signing the performance permission slip for their child.

Permission Slip/Costume Requirements:
All parents must pass in this permission slip by September 17th for their child to participate in the show:  Holiday Hope Permission Slip.  A $30 rental fee per costume is also due by September 17th.
*Performers should make sure to purchase the required dancewear for their class, as they may be asked to wear it as part of their costume.


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