SHOW DATE/TIME: May 22nd at 1:00pm. Dancers arrive at 11:45am.

Click HERE to read the informative FAQ sheet about the recital. It includes performers’ call times, drop off/pick up instructions and so much more!

Mandatory Tech/Dress Rehearsal: (held at KP High School)

Tuesday, May 17:  Tech Rehearsal for EDC and Preteen classes (No Costumes needed)
***Picture day is Friday, April 29th from 5:00-7:00 PM at our Holbrook Street location for EDC and Pre-Teen Classes.
5:00-7:30:  EDC
6:15-7:30: pre-teen 

Friday, May 20: Recreation Program (***Dancers should come performance ready with their hair/makeup done and costume on.  Make sure to bring all shoes and costume pieces needed.)
4:00-5:30:  Preschool – Kindergarten Classes and Elementary Performance 
4:45-6:45:  TJB/Youth Performance
6:15-7:45:  Boys Hip, Intro Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop II, Musical Theater, Teen Musical Theater (costumes needed) 
7:45-8:15: Adults


Photography and videography of any type are prohibited during Exhale’s shows.  It can be distracting to the audience and harmful for the performers.  A professional photographer and videographer will be at the show.  A free link to download the video and action photos of the show will be sent to each family.

Professional still shots will be taken at Dress Rehearsal (or for EDC/Preteen on April 29th). A form will go out before the dress rehearsal for parents to order photos. The form should be passed in at the beginning of dress rehearsal.