Spring Concert

An Evening of Celebrating Dance!

Exhale’s 2019 recital, Believe, will be held on Saturday, May 11th, at 3pm.  Our show will be held at King Philip Middle School in Norfolk.  Dancers must participate in a full dress rehearsal and picture day.


Audience members will not be permitted to take personal videos or photography during the shows or dress rehearsals.  
Not only can it be distracting and dangerous for performers, but it can also take away from the enjoyment of those viewing the show.

Professional Photos
A professional photographer will be at all dress rehearsals and shows!  She will take action shots, still group shots and single still photos of the dancers.  A link to the photos will be sent out to all parents so they can order any photos they wish to keep as memories.

Professional Video:
A professional video of the show will be recorded.  An order form will be sent home, and parents will be able to purchase a high-quality video of the performance if they wish.

In-studio show tickets will be on sale from March 18th – March 30th ONLY.  After March 30th tickets will only be sold online.  These ticket sales are cash/check only.

Online Sales:
Online tickets will go live on sale April 1st and will be for sale until we sell out.

At the door:
If available, tickets will be sold at the door via CASH ONLY!  If you wish to purchase tickets online the day of the show with a credit card please use our online ticket portal before arriving.

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