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Winter Semester Update

Dear Students and Families,

It is with great pride, humbleness and excitement that I welcome you to Exhale’s first winter¬†semester. ¬†After receiving a BA in dance, performing professionally and teaching in the greater Boston area for a decade,¬†I took a giant ‘leap’ of faith! ¬†I followed my dreams¬†and opened¬†A School of Dance in the town¬†I reside with my family.¬† I am dedicated to teaching dance in a technical, joyous, musical and meaningful way.¬†We cannot wait to fill the Norfolk Grange Hall¬†with the gift of dance! Classes begin January 8th.¬† ¬†¬†

All this snow and cold weather reminds us that winter is here! ¬†Exhale always puts our families’ safety first, so we may decide to close due to inclement weather. ¬†An email will be sent out to each family when we have snow closures. ¬†There will also be a message on the studio answering machine:¬† 508.541.1490, our FB page, and our blog. Make-ups for snow closures will only occur if we must cancel more than two classes a session. ¬†As a reminder, Exhale is not always closed when the public schools are closed.¬† If the roads are cleared by the afternoon we will hold classes. ¬†

Preparations for Exhale’s annual spring concert, “New Beginnings” are well underway. ¬†We hope you will perform or attend the show on May 19th, at King Philip Middle School, at 3pm. ¬†Please click HERE¬†to learn more about our concert! ¬†As a reminder, we understand that performing is not for every student.¬† Dancers who do not perform will still receive a full, rewarding class.¬† After all, Exhale‚Äôs final product is not our end-of-year concert, but rather, the students that leave our school ready to take-on the world. ¬†

Happy New Year,