Live Love Dance: Tuesday’s Thoughts :)

A little over a month ago I got into a car accident.  It has been challenging because the tasks I completed daily to run my small business were suddenly difficult.  Multitasking, writing emails, verbally communicating, remembering to go to an appointment… all difficult!  This process has taught me not only to give myself grace, but to understand that my personal best is different daily due to extraneous circumstances.  I had an epiphany during this process, since I opened the studio six years ago I have literally been running this crazy race with no finish line in sight.  I realized over this last month that I have been going against my own philosophies and how easy it was to fall into this endless competitive whole.  I have been pushing myself to be ‘the best’ and not ‘my best’.  That’s a heavy realization to process.  I took a deep breath and decided that this would be the topic of my next Tuesday’s thoughts; striving to be ‘your best’ and not ‘the best’.  

So, as we move into this joyous, exciting performance season I felt it was important to share that being ‘your best’ and not ‘the best’ is being taught in our dance space.  Some of our advanced students are preparing to participate in their first dance competition.  To ensure it is a positive, educational experience we have been reminding our dancers that success is not measured by trophies, the position we receive in choreography, or the features we are given in a dance. As we prepare for the spring performance season ahead please keep this in mind.  It is important to the faculty that our students understand that success is not measured by ‘wins’, ‘losses’, or ‘lead roles’.  We cannot always be the ‘winner’ however that does not mean we are the ‘loser’.  If our students have worked hard, done their best and chosen to persevere they have all won!     

As an adult, I do not remember the score I earned at competitions, the spot I stood in during the dance, or who received the solo in a group number.  I do, however, remember the way it felt when the stage lights hit my face, how tightly my friends and I embraced each other before a performance, and how fulfilled we felt as the music faded and we made our way off stage.  Ultimately, in between the battements, tendus and plies we hope to give our students the confidence and strength to understand their value cannot be determined by someone else’s opinion.  

I felt it was important to share this message with parents in our program so we can use the same verbiage if big emotions surface.  It is natural for a student to feel disappointed when they don’t receive the trophy, spot or role they were hoping for.  However, how we deal with that as a dance family will aid us in creating a community that trusts and believes in one another.  

Live ♥️ Love ♥️ Dance,
Mrs. Jen 
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